Yun Yun

Yun Yun

SD162 Yun Yun

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Once upon a time, in a prosperous and mysterious land in China, there was a small village located at the foot of Linh Son Mountain. In the village, there is a poor family, the family of Tieu Hoang, a boy who was orphaned at a young age. Even though his family is poor, Tieu Hoang always smiles optimistically and is full of positive energy.

One day, while wandering in Linh Son forest, Tieu Hoang happened to meet an old man wearing a long beard and traditional robe. The old man’s name was Lao Tzu Dao, a famous oriental pharmacist. Lao Tzu Dao recognized Tieu Hoang’s special abilities and decided to teach him the secrets of the art of pharmacy.

Under the tutelage of Lao Tzu Dao, Tieu Hoang quickly became a talented disciple, skilled in the art of herbal therapy and oriental medicine. The potions he brewed could cure any illness, from mild illnesses to severe conditions.

One day, a crowd from many places gathered in Tieu Hoang village in the hope of being cured by his secret magic. Tieu Hoang’s fame quickly spread everywhere, and people around knew the power of his medical art.

However, Tieu Hoang’s happiness comes not only from helping others but also from the love and kindness he gives to everyone around him. On long afternoons, Tieu Hoang often organizes singing games and sharing fun with the community.

Ultimately, thanks to his hospitality and kindness, Tieu Hoang became a living legend in the hearts of the people. His story spread throughout the region, spreading the Chinese values of kindness, effort and wisdom.

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