Li Muwan

Li Muwan

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工作时间为每天下午 2 点至凌晨 3 点。

  1. Pay to receive the full photo package.
  2. Working hours from 2pm to 24 hours daily.
  3. When paying, leave the email you want to receive the link to download the photo package.
  4. If after 30 minutes of transfer there is no link sent to your email, please message me and I will assist you as soon as possible.

Once upon a time, in a distant wanderer paradise, where great warriors and martial arts experts gathered, there was a knight named Do Thanh Long. This guy has a kind face and sharp eyes, but behind that light is a dark secret.

Thanh Long was once an excellent disciple of the Shaolin sect, famous for its supernatural martial arts secrets. However, after a dark incident, Thanh Long was expelled and had to leave the sect. From then on, the guy decided to seek justice and revenge.

Over the years, Thanh Long traveled through many mysterious lands and met different martial arts characters. During his journey, he experienced many ups and downs, from fierce battles, difficult challenges to meaningful encounters.

One day, Thanh Long received a letter inviting him to Thien Long Cac, the majestic temple of the martial arts world. This place gathers martial arts masters, and there are dark forces plotting to invade. Thanh Long, with a heart filled with filial piety and loyalty, decided to enter a new war to protect the world from the threatening darkness.

At Thien Long Cac, Thanh Long must face powerful enemies and secrets hidden behind the cover of his sect and his life. He learned many lessons about patience, loyalty and the power of friendship during the time when knights confronted the darkness.

In the end, Thanh Long defeated the dark forces, restoring peace to the martial arts world. But the price he has to pay is understanding the human heart and endless sacrifice. The knight has become a legend, a symbol of patience, strength and loyalty in a world full of thorns.

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