Battle Through the Heavens 4K

Battle Through the Heavens 4K

Meidusha – Yafei – Yun Yun – Xun’er – Xiao Yi Xian

Yafei – Yun Yun – Xun’er – Xiao Yi Xian

Returning to Ha Nhi’s reign, her success was not only a victory on the battlefield but also a great change in the court. Ha Nhi decided to introduce new policies, directing her court in a more open and fair direction. She expands people’s rights and builds community projects to improve quality of life.

However, change never comes without difficulty. There were conservative forces in the court and influential people who did not wish to challenge Ha Nhi’s decision. Faced with plots and dangers from within, this powerful princess must utilize all her skills and wisdom to protect the future of her court and people.

In the political war, Ha Nhi not only fought with swords and tactics but also with enthusiasm and understanding of people’s hearts. She finds unexpected allies and builds a support network from the people she meets on her journey.

While war and challenges grew, Ha Nhi never forgot her mission. She is not only the queen of the court but also a symbol of freedom, justice and patience in the hearts of the people. Her story becomes an epic symphony of grit and determination, not just for herself but for everyone she wants to protect.

When the war gradually ended, Ha Nhi became a creative leader, creating a prosperous and happy dynasty. The people’s love and loyalty to her never faded, and Queen Thien Huong’s name became immortal in everyone’s hearts and in the history of the ancient world.

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