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YueChan Perfect World

SD 99 47pics 220mp

In the world of Xianxia, where gods, demons, and warriors with extraordinary martial arts exist, there is a story about a young man named Luc Thien. He is the son of a great martial artist, but due to fate, his legs were paralyzed since he was young.

Even though he was paralyzed, Luc Thien never gave up his dream of becoming a great martial artist. Once deep into the forbidden forest, he accidentally found a spiritual gem hidden behind an ancient statue. This jade spirit not only restored Luc Thien’s legs but also opened up a mysterious world of immortality.

Thanks to his new strength, Luc Thien learned martial arts from a reputable master of the Xianxia sect. On his journey, he encounters many challenges and gets to know unique fairy characters such as Tuyet Yen – a pristine fairy and Luu Ly – a talented martial arts disciple.

However, the world of fairy tales is not only full of challenges and treasures, but also a place containing hidden dangers from evil forces. Luc Thien must face powerful opponents and learn about his secrets, as well as inherit martial arts from the great master.

In the end, through fierce battles and secret Xianxia, Luc Thien not only became a great fighter but also decoded the origin and purpose of Xianxia’s power. This story is not just about martial arts, but also about growth and self-discovery in an enchanting world.

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