Xiao Yi Xian 4K

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In the mystical world of ancient China, where magic, martial arts and souls blend, there is a story about a young man named Liao Ling. He is a disciple of Thien Ngoc Son, a famous martial arts sect with prestige throughout the mainland.

Liao Ling was trained in the arts of martial arts and magic from a young age. During an expedition to the land of Cuu Trung Thien, he discovered a dark plot of dark forces that were silently destroying prestigious sects. Lieu Lang is determined to stop this plot and protect the secrets of martial arts.

On his journey, Lieu Lang encounters many special characters such as Tieu Dao – a talented Taoist, and Linh Nhi – a female magician with enchanting magic. Together, they face daunting challenges, from natural wonders to magical thieves and evil covens.

As Liao Ling advances in martial arts and magical knowledge, he must confront secrets about his past and connections to a secret organization that could change the destiny of martial arts.

In the end, Lieu Lang must stand up against the dark forces, both protecting traditional martial arts and preserving his emotions and soul amid upheavals and challenges. This fantastic tale is not just about martial arts and magic, but also about courage and loyalty to lovers and comrades.

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